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Monday, October 3, 2022

State Minister urges garment employees not to be panicked about losing their jobs

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State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said on Saturday no employees of export-oriented factories, including garments, will lose job if not joining their respective workplaces for now.

He urged them not to be panicked to lose their jobs.

Responding on matter of reopening all export-oriented factories from tomorrow (Sunday), the Minister said, “The BGMEA has already cleared the matter that they will reopen the factories only with those employees who are now in Dhaka. The rest will come by terms after August 5.”

He said some of the employees and workers are returning Dhaka fearing to lose job. The BGMEA’s President assured to consider the matter. The government will also handle it. No need to return from villages amid coronavirus risk.

The government on Friday issued a notice on reopening all export-oriented factories from Sunday (August 1).

Following the government’s announcement, the workers of the factories started retuning the capital defying the lockdown order ignoring the health guidelines.

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