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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Govt to consult experts to boost Hilsa production

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Admitting an overall drop in the catch of Hilsa in Bangladesh this year, the government has said that it’ll take necessary steps to boost the production of the fish after consulting experts.

“This monsoon, the production of hilsa has decreased in the rivers over previous years,” Education Minister Dipu Moni told reporters at Boro Station Molhead in Chandpur town on Friday.

“What is the reason behind the poor production of hilsa? There should be natural reasons as the production was good in previous years. If the fisheries experts provide any suggestion, we will take steps as per their advice,” said Dipu.

Recently traders at the Chandpur Boro Bazar fisheries ghat also pointed out the decline in Hilsa production in the Padma river — they said this year’s stock came from Hatia, Noakhali and other coastal areas.

Traders claimed that the poor supply from the Padma river was also pushing up the prices of the Padma Hilsa.

The wholesale Padma Hilsa price is Tk 1,200 a kg and the retail price is Tk 1,300-1,400 a kg. A kg of the Hatia Hisla, on the other hand, costs Tk 1,000.

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