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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

All earn money, but how many of them pay taxes: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed strong resentment at evasion of taxes by many people in the country.

“All earn money, but how many of them pay taxes,” she asked journalists. “We have everything…. rice, lentil, houses and cars. In spite of it, people pay attention to evade taxes, and it’s reality. How will the government receive money? Now, electricity has reached to every household in the country. The government also provides subsidy here, but doesn’t receive the production cost.”

The Prime Minister was addressing at a press conference at her official residence Gana Bhaban in the capital on Wednesday on her recent visit to Scotland’s capital Glasgow to attend the 26th Climate Change Conference and later to France.

Sheikh Hasina said, “Our government has taken all the initiatives so that price of essentials remains under control. We have taken all necessary initiatives to raise production. Fuel oil prices have increased in international market. We have to import fuel oil.”

She said: “The government gives Tk 23,000 crore subsidy to diesel annually. The subsidies to electricity and diesel amount to Tk 53,000 crore a year. We have reduced the prices of fertilisers for farmers. The fertiliser which was Tk 90 a kilogram, has been lowered to Tk 15-Tk 16. We have provided subsidies to every component of agriculture. Now farmers can open bank account at Tk 10 only. The subsidies go to farmers directly through these accounts.”

The prime minister said the government is always cautious about its responsibilities to people. “We have provided financial assistance up to the rural level during the Covid-19 pandemic. People belonging to different occupations received the assistance. We have given incentives to businessmen and traders during the pandemic. We have lowered interest rates so that their businesses remain normal. We have made arrangements so that workers get their salaries properly.”

Sheikh Hasina said many developed nations are facing food crisis now. “There are no supplies to supermarkets in London. Enough food is now found there. But, Bangladesh does not face any food crisis.”

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