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Monday, December 4, 2023

Students give 48-hour ultimatum seeking gazette for half fare

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Students of different institutions under the banner of ‘general students’ gave a 48-hour ultimatum to the government demanding gazette notification to ensure half fare on all public transports.

If their demand is not met by this period, the protesters will again observe sit-in at Nilkhet area in the capital on November 25.

The announcement came from a sit-in programme by the students of Dhaka College, Dhaka City College and Ideal College at Bakshibazar intersection, Science Lab, Nilkhet intersection at 11am on Tuesday.

Jahirul Islam, a student of Ideal College, said, “We will continue the movement until our demand is met.

The two other demands are: to stop female students’ harassment on the public transports and to ensure their safe journey on the transports.

Giving the ultimatum, the protesters left the road around 1:30pm.

Following the protest, huge tailback was created on both sides of New Market.

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