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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Nation to observe one minute ‘blackout’ on March 25

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The nation will observe a one-minute “blackout” on the night of March 25 marking the Genocide Day, said an official release.

The “blackout” programme will be observed for one minute from 9:00 pm to 9: 01pm on the night of March 25 across the country to pay homage to those who were killed in ‘Operation Searchlight’ launched by Pakistani occupation forces on dreadful Night of March 25 in 1971.

The establishments of emergency services will remain out of the purview of the programme.

On the occasion, the government has imposed restriction on illumination at all the government, semi-government, autonomous, private buildings and structures on 25 March night. But it is allowed from the evening of 26 March.

As the decision has been taken by the government for implementing the national programmes commemorating the Genocide Day, all the countrymen and concerned public-private organizations have been requested to implement the programmes, added the release.

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