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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Long queues of bus, trucks in Daulatdia Ghat

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Hundreds of trucks with sacrificial animals and passenger buses from different parts of the south have been stranded on the Daulatdia-Paturia route. On the other hand, the number of vehicles carrying many home-bound people on launches and ferries from different areas, including Dhaka, has increased at Daulatdia Ghat.

Long queues of vehicles were seen as the ferry was less than the demand. Health guide lines were seen violated in the crowded ghat area. Masks were not seen on the faces of many.

Ghat officials said that only 15 ferries are plying on the Daulatdia-Paturia route. At least 20 ferries were operated with vehicles and passengers to cross the route during the last Eid. Due to the sudden increase in the number of passengers and vehicles, long queues have been created on the highway in the ghat area which caused misery.

Passengers trapped between the scorching sun and heat. Besides, the owners and traders are in trouble with the cows in the truck.

While visiting Daulatdia Ghat it was seen that long queues of numerous vehicles on the highway in the Ghat area since Friday morning. Every vehicle has to wait a long time on the highway for the ferry.

A long line of vehicles has been formed in two rows along the 3 km stretch from Zero Point of Daulatdia Ferry Ghat to Bangladesh Hatcheries on the highway. The length of the line is increasing with time.

Almas Sheikh, a cattle trader from Jessore, Azizul Pramanik of Kushtia and many others said that they are going to Dhaka with sacrificial animals in the hope of getting a good price. But we have to wait for the ferry at Daulatdia Ghat.

They said, “Most of the cows are getting exhausted in the scorching heat because these cows can’t bear a lot of trouble. In this case, if there is an accident due to heatstroke, they will suffer a lot of damage.”

Shaheen Sheikh, a bus driver from Gopalganj, said he had been stuck in a long queue for more than two hours.

“The passengers are getting impatient. But there is nothing to do. I don’t know when the ferry will reach.”

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