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Monday, December 4, 2023

Thousands of vehicles at Shimulia, passengers suffer

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Thousands of vehicles are waiting to cross the Padma River at Shimulia Ghat. Rows of buses and trucks crossed the ghat area and Dhaka-Mawa Expressway. Ghat authorities are skeptical about whether it is possible to pass so many vehicles before Eid.

Meanwhile, the buses have to drop off the passengers at a distance of two to three kilometers from the ghat and they have to walk a long distance to reach the ghat. Thousands of passengers were seen rushing towards the ghats soaked in rain. On Tuesday morning, such a picture was seen in the Shimulia Ghat area in Munshiganj.

In this regard, Safayet Ahmed, Manager (Commerce) of Shimulia Ghat of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTC) said 15 ferries are running on the water route. However, the number of vehicles will be more than a thousand. The pressure on motorcycles and people is even greater.

Passengers from different parts of the country are crowding the launch dock. The pressure of passengers is much higher today than in the past few days. Although half of the seats were supposed to carry passengers, all the launches were seen to carry extra passengers. Health rule is not being observed at launch.

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