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Saturday, February 4, 2023

We Earned Independence From Pakistan In 25 Years But Could Not Ensure Road Safety In This Long 28 Years: Ilias Kanchan

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On 10 December Evening, NISCHA Malaysia Chapter has celebrated 28th anniversary of struggle, success and glory, through an online event. NISCHA Chairman prominent Bangladeshi actor Ilias Kanchan was present virtually as the chief guest on the occasion.

Coordinated by Zafor Firoze, general secretary of NISCHA Malaysia chapter Anupam Paul gave the inaugurated speech of the program.
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Bashar, Head of the Department of Medicine, Masha University Malaysia and President of the Malaysia Bangladesh Forum Association; Senior Consultant Forensic of the University of Technology Mara and Vice President of NISCHA Malaysia Chapter Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nasimul Islam. Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine, Pardana University, Malaysia Dr. Mohammad Nazmul Hasan Maziz. Central Secretary General of NISCHA Syed Ehsanul Haque Kamal; Joint Secretary General Liton Ershad; Organizing Secretary SM Azad ; Youth Affairs Secretary of NISCHA Malaysia Chapter Md. Ruhul Amin and Journalist Zahirul Islam Hiran were among the guest speakers. The event was presided over by Dr. Sultana Alam, Assistant Professor, University Tunku Abdur Rahman Malaysia and Vice President, NISCHA Malaysia Chapter.

Speaking as the chief guest, Ilias Kanchan lamented that despite the glory of earning independence from Pakistan within 25 years, we have not been able to secure the road in 28 long years since the movement started. Public should come forward to protect their lives on road. All pedestrians and drivers have to fulfil their responsibilities and duties on road properly. Then, the road will be safe. Proper enforcement of the law was emphasised in the speeches of all the guests on the occasion. The program was live on NISCHA Chairman Ilyas Kanchan’s Facebook page at 7.00 pm Bangladesh time.

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