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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Murad’s wife calls ‘999’ alleging assault, threat of killing against husband

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Wife of former state minister Dr Murad Hasan has sought cooperation from police after sending a call to the National Emergency Service at 999.

Making the call, Dr Murad Hasan’s wife Dr Jahanara Ehsan told police that she was physically assaulted. Murad even threatened kill her, she alleged.

The matter was immediately communicated to the Dhanmondi Police Station. Receiving the call, the Dhanmondi police immediately went to Murad’s residence.

Contacted, Dhanmondi Police Station’s officer-in-charge (OC) Ikram Ali Mia said a police team was sent to former state minister Murad Hasan’s house at Road No. 15 Dhanmondi. His wife brought the allegations of torture and threat to kill her against her husband. “We will take legal action after receiving a written complaint,” he said.

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