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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Candidate not fact, always with Awami League: Shamim Osman

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“Who is the candidate, it is not a fact. I was always with Awami League and boat and still with boat,” said Shamim Osman MP.

“Want to know, why I am always the subject matter during election time. Narayanganj is the base of boat, base of Sheikh Hasina. Don’t try to play another game here. Who is the candidate, who cares? Always support the boat, never against it,” he told this at a press briefing on Monday.

While responding to queries of journalists about ‘godfather’, Shamim Osman said, “If any one wants, he/she can call me godfather. If any one wants, call me brother. Can also call me father, if wants, but not mother.”

“I am like ‘Nilkantha’, can digest everything,” he added.

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